Diploma In Merchandising And Store Design (DMSD)

By NCTA Duration: 12 MONTHS Code: NCTA-208


Certificate/ Diploma In Merchandising And Store Design from NCTA will address several practical aspects of visual merchandising, which include – proper usage of planograms, introducing sales-related campaigns, and arranging seasonal stocks to showcase. You can study exact what can influence your customer’s needs to make purchases, and methods to influence prospective customers. To get certified in visual merchandising, make sure you’ve completed above seventeen-years-old along with educational qualification of 8th to 12th pass. 


Our Certificate In Merchandising And Store Design (CMSD) & Diploma In Merchandising And Store Design (DMSD) Programs are available at extremely affordable packages at Rs. 5000 for three-months and Rs. 8000 for twelve-months respectively. Upon completion, you can immediately start you career in the retail management with good salary packages. 





NCTA’s Certificate/ Diploma In Merchandising And Store Design Courses will prepare candidates to properly manage stores or products with intentions to maximize sales. You can explore skills to coordinate with customers, accessorize to influence shoppers, and amplify a product’s visual appeal. To get promoted in managerial ranks or seek a new job in retail stores, enroll yourself in our certified courses at the earliest. 

Course Features

Course Code NCTA-208
Duration 12 MONTHS
Category Retail Management
Eligibility ALL LEVELS
Fees 8000.00
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