Certified Store Manager (CSM)

By NCTA Duration: 6 MONTHS Code: NCTA-205


NCTA’s Certificate/ Advanced Diploma In Store Management Course are accredited retail management programs, which will offer you the skills to get started or advance your career in the retail industry. These professional courses in store management are recognized as an up-skilling initiative, which is available online, so candidates can acquire necessary skills or study our market-standard course-materials seating at own pace. These store management course are also available nationwide, so you can apply and complete them entirely online.  


Our Certificate/ Advanced Diploma In Store Management Course have been designed for convenience store managers or newcomers, who are interested to immediately start a career in related industries. This online store management course will prepare expert store managers and equip them with necessary skills to get started or advance your career in retail industries or relevant sectors. You can also gain an expert understanding of store management, and enrich your confidence within a wide spectrum of retail careers. Learn advanced store management skills by enrolling yourself in any of our online courses today!



If you are interested to seek online enrollment in our certificate or advanced programs in-store management, you need to check out some major enrollment criteria, which includes –


•students must’ve completed seventeen-years-old or above while applying online in our online courses, 


•students need to complete an educational qualification of 8th to 12th board for applying online in any of our certified courses, 


•admission charges of Certificate In Store Management (CSM) Course is Rs. 8000 for six-months and Advanced Diploma In Store Management (ADSM) Course is Rs. 12000 for twelve-months, which is extremely affordable when compared to other affiliated courses available online; 


Enroll yourself in our industry-standard certification courses to acquire professional aptitudes in store management and retail operations to immediately start your career as a qualified store manager or assistant.  



Upon completing our certificate/ advanced programs in-store management, students are able to –


•explain and implement retail strategies as per consumer needs and market-standards, 


•explain the process of conceiving, producing, or selling stylish products or accessories in online/ offline stores,  


•attain economical and cultural growth in retail sectors, 


•showcase the professional skills required to grow ideas and make choices on ethics, proper research, analysis, and critical aspects, 


•effectively organized your available resources to achieve stated purpose and objectives, 


•exhibit interpersonal skills to effectively communicate oral and in-writing communication, 


•operate required organizational settings and incorporate updated software, 


•experience professional growth and advanced strategies required in-store management; 


That’s very much important to understand customer service strategies as an experience store manager or assistant, which can offer your store with expected profits. 



Our Certificate/ Advanced Diploma In Store Management Courses will prepare individuals to manage a variety of retail sales operations or merchandise in an organized way. Learners completing our online courses (certificate/ advanced diploma) in-store management will get clear ideas about a professional career in the field of retail management. These work-oriented courses serve newcomer as well as incumbent employees to seek placement in national or international retail outlets.   


The following are major job opportunities after completing our retail management courses – 


•Store Manager


•Assistant Store Manager


•Run Independent Stores


•Department Manager


•Management Trainee 


•Merchandise Manager


Enroll yourself in our store management certificate/ advanced courses to acquire new retail management skills to immediately start a career in the retail industry. Join today!


Course Features

Course Code NCTA-205
Duration 6 MONTHS
Category Retail Management
Eligibility ALL LEVELS
Fees INR(₹) 8000.00/ USD ($) 105

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