Diploma In Steel Furniture Manufacturing (DDSFM)

By NCTA Duration: 12 MONTHS/600 HOURS Code: NCTA-131


NCTA’s Certificate/ Diploma In Steel Furniture Manufacturing Courses will offer introduction and primary skills related to steelmaking process, metal restructuring, and maintenance to students. These online job-oriented courses will explain steel industry’s whereabouts and proficient skills required to create steel accessories. That’s important to make sure your age group is seventeen-years or above while seeking online admission along with educational qualification of 5th to 12th standard for (CSFM) and 8th to 12th standard for (DSFM). 


Our Certificate/ Diploma In Steel Furniture Manufacturing are offered at quite affordable packages of Rs. 8000 for three-month and Rs. 12000 for twelve-month respectively. Those who can complete accredited online courses in steel manufacturing can seek professional jobs in cabinet shops, retail outlets, or steel manufacturing nationally or internationally unit. 





Our Certificate/ Diploma In Steel Furniture Manufacturing Courses will expose students to various steel manufacturing processes, required manufacturing and conceptual skills to seek well-paid jobs in overseas countries. These ideal certification courses will confirm your professional skills in steel accessories manufacturing and assist students to attain success in career. 


Course Features

Course Code NCTA-131
Duration 12 MONTHS/600 HOURS
Category Job Oriented
Eligibility ALL LEVELS
Fees 12000.00

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