Diploma In Food Packaging (DFP)

By NCTA Duration: 12 MONTHS/600 HOURS Code: NCTA-137


In the Certificate/ Diploma In Food Packaging from NCTA, students will be introduced to guidelines used in the food industry regarding the packaging of food items. Our professional courses are extremely cost-effective, which are offered at Rs. 5000 (CFP) and Rs. 8000 (DFP) to learners. To take-up online admission in any of our job-oriented courses, make sure you’ve completed atleast seventeen-years while applying. 


Our online job-oriented courses also requires an educational qualification of 5th to 12th standards for Certificate In Food Packaging (CFP) and 4th to 8th standards for Diploma In Food Packaging (DPF). Furthermore, time duration to complete each course is 3 months/ 160 hours for (CFP) and 1 Year/ 600 hours for (DFP). 





At the end of NCTA’s Certificate/ Diploma In Food Packaging, students can acquire skills on applications of food packaging along with certificates to secure well-paid jobs in overseas countries. To get certified in food packaging, make sure to enroll yourself today!


Course Features

Course Code NCTA-137
Duration 12 MONTHS/600 HOURS
Category Job Oriented
Eligibility ALL LEVELS
Fees 15000.00

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