Certificate In Fire & Safety Engineering (CFSE)

By NCTA Duration: 6 MONTHS/260 HOURS Code: NCTA-118


NCTA’s Certificate/ Diploma In Fire & Safety Engineering Courses are enrolled and completed entirely online to enable students to acquire professional skills seating at their own pace. These accredited job-oriented courses are required to study advanced protection systems, industrial applications, safety management, unexpected risk assessment, and control in simple approaches. Once you are certified with our industry-standard fire and safety engineering course, you can immediately start your career in related sectors. 


Our Certificate/ Diploma In Fire & Safety Engineering Programs have been designed with safety engineers in mind and customized with a rich curriculum covering scientific and valid principles required to attain career growth. To contribute to making our world a safer place and enforce required safety principles to ensure complete protection, earn an online certification to validate your aptitudes in safety engineering. 


The fire and safety engineering course teaches how fire science works by our expert instructors, who’ve years of experience to support you studying in every possible ways. Our Certificate/ Diploma In Fire & Safety Engineering Courses will also address required safety, analysis, control, and more with our online courses available with industry-standard study materials and valid certifications. If you compared our admission charges with other affiliated courses, our job-oriented as well as other online courses are much more economical and student-oriented intended for beginners to experienced professionals, who want to upskill individual professionalism. 





•Learners who want to acquire certifications in our fire and safety engineering course (certificate/ advanced) needs to meet the under-mentioned enrollment criteria –


•Students age criteria to apply online is above seventeen-years-old, 

•Candidate’s educational qualification is passed 5th to 12th board for Certificate In Fire & Safety Engineering (CFSE) and 8th to 12th board for Diploma In Fire & Safety Engineering (DFSE) to apply online, 

•Total admission charges for NCTA’s Certificate In Fire & Safety Engineering Course is Rs. 10000 for six-months & Diploma In Fire & Safety Engineering Program is Rs. 15000 for one year, which are extensively economical when compared with other affiliated courses available in the market, 

Enroll yourself as per your interests to acquire professional skills in fire and safety engineering course today!





Upon completion of these work-oriented courses, students will be able to –


  • Explain risk assessment methods of fire & safety engineering, 
  • Identify major advantages and restrictions of safety engineering studies, 
  • Explain safety principles as well as suggest mitigation measures of standard hazard,   
  • Identify required safety engineering studies to be carried out at real-projects, 
  • Explain, predict and evaluate possible safety outcomes and effects, 
  • Increase job opportunities in related sectors and overseas companies, 
  • These online courses will even offer an international recognition of your competencies and expertise validate in safety engineering with ready-to-use skills. 





Once you are certified as a safety engineer, students can avail several career opportunities or jobs perspective immediately. The following are major job roles for fire & safety engineers –


•Fire & Safety Prevention Officer, 

•Fire Chief Engineer,

•Fire Suppression System Designer,

•Building Inspector, 

•Fire Protection Engineer & Consultant, 

•Loss Control Specialists, 

•Safety Engineer;

Enhance your new or already existing professional skills with us in safety management. Enroll yourself to learn fire and safety engineering skills as an expert engineer today!


Course Features

Course Code NCTA-118
Duration 6 MONTHS/260 HOURS
Category Job Oriented
Eligibility ALL LEVELS
Fees 10000.00

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