Certificate In Pharmacy Assistant (CPA)

By NCTA Duration: 6 MONTHS/320 HOURS Code: NCTA-139


Certificate/ Advanced Diploma In Pharmacy Assistant Courses from NCTA helps to teach learners the basic and advanced skills to accurately interpret the information written on a prescription, request any missing information, and enter it to place orders. Learn how to process a medication order accurately and effectively (interpretation, product selection, computer warning, packaging, and set a prescription in an outpatient mode) and prepare required medicines using modern systems by enrolling in our online pharmacy assistant courses. That’s important to confirm you’ve completed seventeen-years-old while seeking online enrollment. 


Our Certificate/ Advanced Diploma In Pharmacy Assistant Programs are available at extremely affordable packages of Rs. 5000 (CPA) for six-month and Rs. 8000 (ADPA) for one-year respectively. An educational qualification requisite to seek online admission in any of our paramedical courses is 10ths pass for learners. And so, you can maintain medication order and inventory control systems as an experienced pharmacy assistant or manager with our certificate or advanced courses. 





After taking this Certificate/ Advanced Diploma In Pharmacy Assistant Courses from NCTA, learners should be able to function in the role of primary pharmacy technician under the direction of the pharmacist. Furthermore, you can receive prescription or medication orders to correctly process it as per requirements, and also perform all sorts of calculations needed to enlist

Course Features

Course Code NCTA-139
Duration 6 MONTHS/320 HOURS
Category Paramedical
Eligibility ALL LEVELS
Fees 5000.00
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