By NCTA Duration: 24 MONTHS/1125 HOURS Code: NCTA-322

CMS diploma is known as diploma in Community Medical Service & Essential Drugs (CMS & ED). It is a diploma for Primary Health Care by general allopathic medicines which is recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) for primary health care. The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has given an order that CMS Diploma holders can give treatment for all diseases including infectious diseases.

This course is not for fresher students. This course is for those medical staff practitioners who have been working in a hospital or nursing home, etc., for about two to ten years. And if they want to open their own clinic somewhere else, then this course is for them. Such medical practitioners can open their own clinic after doing this course. After doing this course they are given a CMS & ED certificate after which they can practice 50 to 150 medicines in their clinic as a doctor.

Note:  Vocational Council of Training Academy - Registration certificate, there will be no registration in MCI/DCI//State Medical Faculty or in the CMO office. But this certificate will be proof of your knowledge. The Verification of your Certificates will send by the COUNCIL to the enquiring authorities as executive of Health Department as CMO, Police, Media and Court etc.



10th or Higher, Rural Doctors RMP, BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, BSMS, BEMS, BNYS, BPT, DPT, B.Pharmacy, D. Pharmacy, DNYS, Degree/ Diploma in Alternative Medicines, Paramedical, Nursing, Naturopathy, Dental etc.

Benefit of course:

After completing the course of CMS diploma course anybody can start his/her medical practice in rural area and can use Allopathic Medicines recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) for Primary Health Care, as per the judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India dated on 19th Feb. 2003.

Syllabus :

Anatomy & Pathology, General Biology, Health & Hygiene, Health Education and Community Pharmacy, Patient Safety, Practice Of Medicine, Pharmacology & Practical (Project Based)


List of the general allopathic medicines (recommended by W.H.O)


Anti allergic and medicine used in Anaphylaxis

Tab - prednisolone 5mg

Tab levocentrizine 5 mg

Tab chloropheniramine maleate 4 mg

Syp promethazine 5mg/ml

Syp pheniramine maleate 15mg/ 5 ml

T- pheniramine meleate 25


Anti Infective Medicines

Syp. Albendazole 200mg/ 5ml 50

Tab - Albendazole 400 mg

Anti Spasmodic Medicine

Tab- Dicylomine 10mg

Tab Hyoscine butyl bromide 10 mg

Dicyclomine Drops


Analgesics, Antipyretics, Non steroidal, Anti-Inflammatory medicine and medicine for gout

Tab. Dyclofinac sod.50

Tab Dyclofinac sod.75

Tab Dyclofinac sod 100

Tab Acetyl Salicylic Acid 75


Diclofenac Gel

Tab - Ibuprofen 200 mg

Tab- Ibuprofen 400 mg

Syp-  Ibuprofen 100mg/ 5ml



Anti Viral Medicine

Tab Acyclovir. 200 mg

Acyclovir oint


Vitamins and Minerals

Tab - Alphacalcidol 0.25

Tab- Cal Carbonate 500 mg

Syp Calcium 250 mg elemental cal./ 5ml

Cap- Vitamin A 100000 IU

Calcerol Sachets

Tab- Vit C 500 mg

Syr. Zinc 4mg/ ml

Tab - Zinc 20 mg

Tab - B complex


Laxative Medicines

Tab Bisacodyl 5 mg

Syp Lactulose 66mg/ ml



Borohexine C/S

Diphenhydra mine C/S

Dextromethorphane C/S

Syp Noscopine 7mg/ 5 ml


Anti Inflammatory and Anti pruritic Medicines

Calamine lotion

Betamethasone ointment


Anti Protozoal Medicines

Tab Chloroquine. 250

Tab Metronidazole 400mg


Dental Preparations

Choline Salicylate soln. + Benzalkonium chloride soln.+ Lignocaine HCL IP


Topical Eye/ ENT preparation

Cyprofloxacine ear drop

Gentamycin eye drop

Xylometazole N/D (P)

Xykometazole N/D (A)


Anti-Fungal Dermatogical Preparation

Clotrimazole cream

Clotrimazole powder


Antiemetic Medicines

Tab Enarpril 5 mg

Tab Amlodepin 5 mg


Medicines For Asthma and COPD

Tab Etophyline + Theophyll 100

Tab- Etophyline + Theophyll 150

Tab- Etophyline + Theophyll 300

Tab- Salbutamol 2 mg

Tab- Salbutamol 4 mg

Salbutamol inhaler


Medicines for Anaemia

Tab- Ferrous Sulphate 200 mg

Tab- Iron Folic Acid (A)

Syp- Iron Folic Acid 25 mg Fe 500 mcg folic acid

Tab- Iron folic Acid (P) 67 mg

Tab- Folic Acid 5 mg


Anti-Fungal Medicines

Tab- Fluconazole 150 mg


Anti- Septics

Framycetin skin oint

Providine Iodine Lotion 500 ml

Providine Iodine Oint 15 gm

Providine Iodine Mouthwash

Chlorohexidine M/ W



Tab - Frusemide 40 mg

Tab- Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 mg


Anti Diabetic Medicines

Tab- Glibenclamide - 2.5 mg

Tab- Glibenclamide - 5 mg

Tab- Glimepride 1 mg

Tab- Glimepride 2 mg

Tab- Glimepride 4 mg

Tab- Metformin 500

Tab- Metdormin 850



Syp- Antacid

Tab- Antacid

Cap- Omeprazole 20 mg

Tab- Ranitidine 150 mg



Tab- Northesterone  5 mg


Rehydration Solution



Ophthalmological Preparations

Tab- Sulphacetamide eye drop



Tab- Tranexamic Acid 250 mg

Tab- Tranexamic Acid 500 mg



Cap- Amoxicillin -250 mg

Cap - Amoxicillin- 500 mg

Cap- Cloxacilin - 250 mg

Cap- Cloxacilin 500 mg

Tab- Azithromycin 250mg

Tab- Azithromycin 500mg

Cep- Cephalexin - 250 mg

Cep- Cephalexin - 500 mg

Sulphamethoxazole + trimethoprime SS

Sulphamethoxazole + trimethoprime DS

Tab- Cephalexin 125 mg

Syp - Cephalexin 125mg/ 5 ml

Syp- Sulphamethoxazole + trimethoprime 40 mg/ 5ml

Tab- Norfloxacin 400 mg

Cap- Doxycycline100 mg


Anti Anxiety

Tab- Alprazolam 0.25 mg


Thyroid and Anti Thyroid Medicine

Tab- Thyroxine 25 mg


Anti Anginal and Anti Hypertensive

Tab- Metaprolol 25 mg

Tab- Metaprolol 50 mg

Lipid lowering Medicines

Tab- Atorvastatin 20 mg


Scabicides and Pediculocides

Lotion Permethrin 1%

Lotion Permethrin 5%

Course Features

Course Code NCTA-322
Duration 24 MONTHS/1125 HOURS
Category Paramedical
Eligibility 10TH PASS/2-10 Year Experience Medical Field
Fees INR(₹) 30000.00/ USD($) 375

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